Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fantasy Watercolor Progress

This is an updated photo of the progress I've made on my unicorn painting. I've added quite a bit of colors to the water and it is making lots of progress but is still not quite finished. I'm going to introduce more of the phthalo blue (that lovely med color) that is one of my favorite colors to put into any painting and also more ultramarine blue. I also want to add stronger white highlights and introduce some of the metallic pearl white paint into the water. It will give the water such a glow and I think, really enhance the fantasy side of the painting.

I've finished the land mass off to the right and used several colors there, to really make it stand out. I've also added the reflextion of the mountains into the water. I might go back before I'm totally finished with the painting and darken that reflextion if I feel it needs it.

I've actually made quite a bit more progress since this photo was taken but my husband has been in Montana all week with our digital camera so, I've been unable to take any new photos this week. He did get a lot of gorgeous photos of all the beautiful scenery out there so, it was worth it to be without my camera for a week. Perhaps in the future, I can incorporate some of what he captured on film, into a new never know.

I'll try to upload my newest photo this coming week. I prefer anyway, to do some work and then take a break from it and stand back and view what I've done. That way, I can see things I would like to change, fix, alter etc. Sometimes, I'll even put a painting I'm working on, in my storage room upstairs, close the door and forget about it. Sometimes I don't want to see it for days. Often then, when I look at it again, I'll be approaching it with fresh eyes and can see what needs to be done. Creating a painting is really a tackle problems, learn things and hopefully, finish with a piece that you are happy with.

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