Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yellow Calla Lily, Watercolor On Paper

I'm a big Georgia O'Keeffe fan and 2 years a ago I bought a book at Barnes & Noble in the discount section. It is a huge full color book of all her floral works, in all different mediums. I love this book, I have leafed through it so many times and now, it sits in my studio, housed there permanently, for inspiration.

A couple years ago, when I first bought this book, I found a Calla Lily painting that I really fell in love with and I decided to make a watercolor study of it for myself. I had a great time painting it and now, I get to enjoy it because I was able to matt and frame it and hang it up.

I have a friend who loves this painting and also is a big Georgia O'Keeffe fan herself. I thought I would blog a bit about this today because of her. When she told me how much she enjoys this painting, it made me take a few more glances at it every day, when I run up and down my stairs (as that is where it is hanging) and make me stop and appreciate it and also, how much fun it was to paint.

I think sometimes, as artists, we are so busy trying to sell our work that we forget to stop and enjoy it ourselves. I think learning to appreciate our own work is vitally important. So thanks Jo, you just made me stop and take notice of my own work once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

You are so welcome. I love that painting and I am going to snatch it from you soon. LOL luv ya JO

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks are so sweet and very encouraging!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Ruth that is a beautiful painting!

I agree with you about the fun vs. profit. I think when we we follow our creativity and sense of fun we create our truly best work.

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks Jenny. It's true, it's a tough balance but I really think we have to be able to get enjoyment from our own work.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, I really love this painting. Very soft and beautiful.

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks Alecia.