Monday, July 02, 2007

Bloomin' Hydrangeas

All of my Hydrangeas seem to be in full bloom now and are enjoying life in their new home.

I have all Mop Head Hydrangeas although recently I did find a little Lace Cap Hydrangea at Lowes that I picked up. It's a tiny little thing but will do well I'm sure as it gets older. The above Hydrangea has always been a midget of sorts. When I bought it along with a bunch of others, they all grew really large except for this little guy and one other. However, it has gotten bigger over the years, even though it still looks like the baby of the bunch. It does produce the most beautiful raspberry pink flowers, it is truly a lovely bush.

Hydrangeas have been doing some blooming inside as well. I completed a mirror order last week for a customer who wanted a mirror full of Hydrangeas.

These photos were taken before the mirror was placed inside.

Now Complete with mirror in place. I just placed it inside the frame for the photo but this week, it will be secured in the back of the frame and then the frame will be papered in the back and finished with a hanger. Then it will be ready to go.

More beautiful blue and purple blooms. To me, the Hydrangea is such a happy and carefree flower. When I have a big enough yard, I plan to have a whole area dedicated to all different colored Hydrangeas.


Dorothy said...

Ruth, all your hydrangeas are lovely. I have the exact same ones as you. They are one of my favorite flowers. And your painted mirror is beautiful! Love it!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Love your beautiful hydrangeas. The painted frame is lovely too.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Love love love hydrangeas!!! Alas, it's so dry here I can't keep them alive very long :-(.

My Pink Boutique said...

Beautiful hydrangeas! Great photography, too!