Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Mix Of Topics

I guess it just seems easier at this time of year, since there are so many good photo opportunities outside, to mix some of my posts up between the outside world and my artwork. I'm still stalking butterflies in my spare time and I was lucky enough to get some good photos of this little guy above. I was walking one of the dogs and saw the butterfly above on some of my potted plants in the front. I quickly got Willow back in the house and ran outside to take some photos.

My pereinnial Hibiscus are just beginning to bloom now. Although they bloom on and off through the fall, they are most prolific from late July to late August. For those 4 weeks I pretty much get non stop blooms. I have 7 Hibiscus right now, whites above (the first blooms to open) 2 different shades of pink and also a red.

I painted this watercolor 2 years ago...big surprise, it's called Pink Hibiscus. It was a lot of fun to do and they really and truly are some of my favorite summer flowers.

My Hibiscus are the tall plants in the very back of the garden. Only a few weeks ago, they were as tall as the lilies in front of them, but now, they have gotten way taller and will be bursting open any time now. The white blooms from above are on the smaller Hibiscus to the extreme most left and are only visible from the side. I'll also try to take a photo of the 7 of them when they are really in full bloom because they are quite a wonderful sight to see.

I shipped off a cat portrait mailbox this week, today actually and I hope the person who ordered it will really enjoy it. These mailboxes always cause me a bit of stress as I always worry about the customer and owner of the animals, liking the representation I've done. I'm actually quite relieved when they are finished and shipped out.


Dorothy said...

Oh Ruth your pictures of your flowers just get prettier and prettier. And that mailbox is so need to worry about that one!! Love your watercolor. I'll have to crack mine open..and get over the "fear factor". LOL

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks Dorothy. I'll have to post some new pictures because after the last post, wouldn't you know it, more of my Hibiscus came into full bloom. I was relieved, I did get a not from my customer, telling me she loved her cat mailbox. Don't know why they stress me out, they just do...I guess I worry that my creation wont live up to their expectations. You really should get out those watercolors of yours and show us your creations on your blog.

Carolyn said...

Oh, so glad you got another butterfly photo. We have been seeing black ones around here lately, so yours looks especially lovely to me! Awesome that you captured one on those pretty flowers.

You have been one creatively busy woman. Very pretty hibiscus watercolor. Love the fact that you are delving into so many artistic expressions. Have a wonderful day. :-)

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks Carolyn, I feel like I'm stalking these butterflies lately. I just got more photos this morning's crazy. I guess butterflies have become my new hobby. I'm looking forward to reaching my goal of starting a new website within my 2 year time frame, just for watercolors. I think this will give me a creative boost and get me more motivated to actually get my watercolor paints out.

weirdbunny said...

Loving your flower photo's !! I'd like an hibiscus from my garden ... so pretty .