Saturday, March 15, 2008

In The Spotlight - Manic For Mosaics

Recently I bought 3 beautiful mosaic pieces from different artists and thought it would be fun to do a combined post featuring all 3 at the same time.

This absolutely gorgeous birdhouse was made by Michelle over at The Mosaic Queen blog: . Michelle's work is eclectic, whimsical and simply fabulous! If you visit her blog, her March 1st post was dedicated to this birdhouse. She took some lovely outside photos of the piece, along with one of her sitting next to it, that photo will really give you an idea of how big this piece is.

As you can see from the top photo, she used teacups by the bird holes, also note the lid that is right above them. This is a photo of one of the sides of the birdhouse, notice all the beautiful detail there is everywhere you look.

My only requirement for this birdhouse was that it be really colorful and give everyone passing by my front garden this year a real "WOW" when they looked at it. I really wanted a piece of art for my front yard that would pop, not fade away into the background. I think Michelle more then captured the wow factor here.

Michelle planted a whole garden of flowers growing up each side.

A view of the back of the birdhouse, just as pretty as the front with a rose at the top and a teacup, dove and red heart at the bottom. Thanks Michelle, for all your hard work on this piece, I'm very thrilled with it and will be taking lots of outside garden photos with the birdhouse as my centerpiece this year.

I ordered this very beautiful tissue box cover from Penny of Lavender Hill Studio. If you visit her blog at: and go to her Feb 27th post, you will see some really gorgeous shots of this piece, also if you click on any of my photos, larger versions will appear and you will be able to see more detail. I wanted this tissue box cover to go in my bathroom which has light blue and chocolate brown as the color scheme. Penny did a beautiful job of incorporating both colors in this piece, it fits just wonderfully in my bathroom and is a real show piece on the counter. I asked Penny to encorporate a sweet little blue bird somewhere on the tissue box cover and she used a lovely little bird from a vintage pepper shaker, you can just see him in the upper left hand corner of the box.

I already had a mosaic hand mirror I bought last year from another artist and this looks so pretty with it. Be sure to stop by Penny's blog, she does really beautiful work and is very creative. Thanks for this lovely piece Penny, I enjoy it every time I reach for a tissue.

I ordered some TEA letters for my kitchen counter from Brook over at The Home That Love Built: . Her work is very pretty and she sells a variety of different mosaic items on Ebay.

Her mosaic letters are very popular and when I saw them on someone else's blog, I knew I had to have a set for myself. I just told Brook to use whatever colors she wanted and to surprise me. I was very happy when my package came to see my beautiful TEA letters. They now have a prominent place on my kitchen counter as a dedication to my favorite beverage. Thanks Brook, I really enjoy them each day when I'm making my tea!!


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Ruth, those moscaics are just beautiful, not sure which one I like the best as they are all so detailed and unique. So therefore I like all of them the best!!!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Ruth!
I was honored when you asked me to create a mosaic piece for you. Thank you for the opportunity. Brook and Michelle are amazing mosaic artists and I feel very priviledged to be included in their company.

Gail McCormack said...

WOW Ruth, like Alicia I love all three for different reasons, I can well imagine how pleased you are to now have them displayed in your home....just Beautiful!!

Brook said...

I am honored Ruth to be mentioned and included with these talented mosaic artists.
Thank you for your special comments and your time.


Donna said...

Beautiful mosaics! Love each of them. Such imagination and talent by all the artists.
It makes me want to do something crafty with mosaics!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love these...such beautiful work by beautiful artists! Absolutely fabulous!

kari & kijsa

The Rose Room said...

Ruth, they are also so beautiful. Three very talented artists:) Rachael

NeereAnDear said...

wow Ruth such beauty in these creations... each one stunning in its own lovely way.... How lucky you are to be the proud owner of such!

Ist that pic of PJ funny??? It depends on how she stands or sits... one minute she still looks puppy to me and the next she looks grown.. she has gotten bigger for sure... there are days I think she looks like so many different dogs too

I will be back soon



Greenie Gardens said...

I love the idea of just letting creative people create! Only someone as creative as you would realize that the piece is more important than having it "match" a decor! You got some lovely pieces!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hi Ruth!!
What a lovely post!! I'm so happy that you are happy with your birdhouse. You are such a lovely person and I truly enjoyed creating a special piece for you. Love your other mosaic pieces also!!!!
Hugs to you my friend!

Inspired Tokens said...

Ruth, your new mosaics are gorgeous. I love the detail in all of them. Thank you for sharing the artists links...I'm off to check them out.