Friday, March 21, 2008

Rose Garden Pavilion Vintage Shabby Chic Ceiling Tin

I have finished my large ceiling tin, just today actually, I put the finishing touches on it. I'm very pleased with the way this one came out and all in all, it came together rather smoothly for me. I'm going to start you off at the beginning so you can see how the painting progressed.

This is what I started with, a blank and very large 24" x 24" ceiling tin. It is very ornate, with the beautiful wreath motif in the middle and elaborate edging, it really leant itself to a very elegant design with lots of possibilities.

For most everything I did on this tin, I used very wet paint on a dry surface. I sketched on the rose pavilion after my sky and grass areas were painted. Once the building itself was done, I started working on some of the far off rose bushes. Those are done by using lots of wet paint on a wet surface. The paint kind of mingles together and really creates a look of distance.

There wasn't a fence like this on the Vanderbilt property by the rose pavilion (You can refer to my working photo from my March 6th post) but that is the wonderful thing about art, I can change things around to suit my own purposes. I wanted another solid structure in the foreground so I cam up with this weathered fence. I love fences, walls and stone so don't be surprised if you see more of them in the future. I think they are beautiful architectural elements and can be used in so many different way.
I really needed something solid in the foreground to go next to the soft scape material I was putting in on the left side, they balance each other nicely. These roses, while still vague, are not like their relatives a little further back in the scene, they are starting to take some shape at this point. Again lots of wet paint on a wet background, with just a bit more of a definate shape.

I added lots of shading at the bottom of the scene, it really needed it, the darker color really anchors the scene down.
Didn't I tell you there would be a blue bird?? I didn't lie, there he is at the top of the scene, but outside of the scene , a nice large bird, pirched on his branch. I had a lot of ideas on how to approach this painting and this particular idea, believe it or not, came to me one day as I was vacuuming the bedroom carpet. : ) I wanted to create some elements outside of the rose garden scene, that were large and spilling into and out of the landscape.

At this point, I wanted to give the grassy area more of a pathway look to it so I added some lavender, pale blue and white for a lot more character and color.

To finish off the piece, I added 2 pink roses, spilling down on the lower part of the tin, cascading out of the scene. I think they balance with the blue bird nicely and both the roses and bird, I think, give the tin added dimention.

A close up of the little blue bird. I actually fussed over this little guy for quite a while, until I got him just the way I wanted him.

Ok, I lied, I wasn't quite done......I decided after a day of standing and looking at this tin from across the room that it needed something more. I had already, early on, painted the wreath shape in the middle, a nice clean white and I really liked the way that contrasted with the cream colored tin. I decided to do the same with the 2 outer borders as well.
Chris told me after that to just follow the KISS principal (keep it simple stupid), I had never heard that one before. Still, I don't know, it needed a bit more so I took a blue/gray color and did a dry brush effect around the two outer borders, most darkly though, around the edges. I'm glad I did it because I really like the way it looks now.
At this point I've got some orders to work on so, until next time.........


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Happy Easter Ruth! Your ceiling tiles are always so pretty, you have the perfect touch!


Brook said...

Well that is just beautiful!!!! Have a blessed Easter week-end!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ohhhhh, it is gorgeous. I think that this one is your best one so far. I love it that you painted outside the circle too. Love that cute bird on its branch.

I noticed that you've stumbled upon that old * when is an artwork finished* thingy. It can be difficult to decided when it's enough. But never mind, you'll figure it out. :-)

Happy Easter Ruth!

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks Melissa & Brook! I loved this tin so much that I bought another exactly like it, it's the perfect back drop for a landscape.

Thank you Yolanda. Yes, it is hard to know when enough is enough. What I usually do, when I complete a piece is put it down and not look at it for a couple of days. Then I come back to it, with fresh eyes and look at it from all angles, to see what I might need to add or change. Sometimes the smallest addition can make a big difference. In this particular case, the blue/gray edging I added as well as the highlights , creating the garden path. I think both those things made the painting "pop".

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Ruth!
Happy Easter! Your celing tin is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That's just beautiful, Ruth!
Have a blessed Easter!

Siobhan said...

Hi Ruth,
Happy Easter!
I love your new painting!!!

Gail McCormack said...

Oh my goodness Ruth this one is, I think, my favourites so far from your ceiling tin series!!! I love reading your step through process, aren't we all sticky beaks! I laughed at Chris with his KISS theory, I must remember that one.
Keep up your beautiful work

Catherine said...

Another "Artful Creation" Ruth! It's beautiful!! I love you're banner!
Happy Easter!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Wowser!!!!!!!! Just Beautiful Ruth!!!!!!!

Donna said...

Hi Ruth,
Your ceiling tin turned out beautiful! I like how you put the bird and the roses outside the circle. Very nice!

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks ladies, so glad you liked it.

Gail, that is funny, I had never heard of the Kiss theory either...Chris was surprised by that but, I guess you learn something new everyday. : )

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Ruth!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Ruth!

How are you? It was so great to hear from you. Your blog is looking lovely as always. And your ceiling tile is absolulety beautiful! You are so talented. I'm happy you are doing well. I've been busy,but things are good. Can't wait to see more of your work.
Have a great day!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Abby Creek Art said...

This is beautiful, Ruth! I love the addition of the twig and the bird too. That adds such an interesting dimension to it. Nice work!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful, love the little blue bird!
Sandra Evertson

Inspired Tokens said...

Happy Easter Ruth...I adore your ceiling tin. This one is especially beautiful. I adore the tree branch with the blue bird sitting on it. Just gorgeous.

I received the poppy gourd and it is beautiful. I didn't want to post photo' sister checks my blog. I'll post it once we celebrate her birthday. Thank you's the perfect present. You are just a dear!

wanderlustnpixiedust said...

Just discovered your lovely blog! You're a very talented lady. Will be back again for further inspiration!

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks jenny, Janet, Linda & Sandra

Alice, glad you liked the gourd, hope your sister will love it.

pixie dust, so nice to meet you, please stop by again.

KJ said...

This painting works beautifully with the ceiling tile! Very profound!

I linked over from Jo @ NeereAnDear. I read your comments on the etiquette issue... I just wanted to say that you have wonderful standards concerning this practice. You have always made me feel welcomed and acknowledged. Thank-you!

I have always tried to be above average with communication. I don't always hit the mark—especially with all that's on my plate—but it is important to me.

Have a great day!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Ruth, I think this is one of my favorite pieces so far....course I am rather partial to bluebirds. And your old tins are so beautiful. I wish I could show you some of the bird houses I sold in the shop. Some were quite elaborate and I made a lot of churches and a lot of them were on stands. People used them inside their homes a lot. I went all through my documents to see if I had some photos of them but NOT...I need to keep photos of all my work. Thanks for the reminder. ~ Lynn

NeereAnDear said...

ok I really must be losing my mind because I swear I left you a comment...

How odd..

I must say Ruth this has to be one of my favorites too..

Love the finishing touches with the bird "outside" the circled area

Simply stunning as always



The Rose Room said...

Ruth, that is so pretty. I think it is my favourite of the ones you have shown so far:) Rachael

Ruth Welter said...

Thank you Rachael for stopping by to visit.

Jo, I do that all the time, think I signed someone's blog but I really didn't. That cracks me up when I do that. : )

Lynn, I wish that I could see more of your birdhouses..darn it, I was hoping you had those photos.

Kj, Thank you so much, what a really wonderful thing for you to say. I really believe in blog etiquette and hope I make all my visitors feel welcome.

Betty Jo said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, work! I adore the bluebird especially. xoxo

Ruth Welter said...

Thank You so much Betty Jo.

Suzanne said...

Ruth~ this is so beautiful! I love the addition of the little blue bird too! Wonderful job!