Saturday, June 28, 2008

Flowers Bloomin' In The Garden

My orange Cone Flowers just started opening this week and they look so pretty. I found this variety in a local nursery last year and snatched them right up.

My Lamb's Ear is now in full blooom as well and is always full of bees these days.

The Coreopsis went from thinking about blooming to bursting into full color.

The Lamb's Ear nestled right next to some Hydrangeas that just started blooming as well.

The Lilies are still in full swing and some new colors opened up recently. Some lovely pink and yellow blooms have been emerging.

A very striking bright orange Lily.

Some red/orange blooms.

I had some visitors the other day, this little bird couple decided to sit and rest in my Geranium and Vinca Vine hanging pots. Maybe they wanted to look out over the garden for a while.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi ruth!
gorgeous photos and flowers! the little bird is amazing. what a great shot!
have a great weekend!

Catherine Holman said...

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for stopping by! Your flowers are lovely.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Ruth,
Your flowers are so beautiful! I love each and every one of them

Jean said...

Great photos! I love the cone flower. I'm waiting for mine to bloom. Something ate it last year. The birds in the plant is an adorable shot. Come over and show us your blooms on Bloomin' Tueasday.

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Breathtaking! I've never seen orange coneflowers before -- they are magnificent! Orange is vastly underrated in the garden, and you've used it beautifully!

And as for you, you red-headed beauty, I'm guessing you may not even have a THREE in front of your age yet, so your day is yet to come as an "older lady". Huh. Just you wait. :-D

NeereAnDear said...

I love your garden... so full of bright beautiful colors... and full and lush.... by summers end it will be spilling into the streets

and the bird in the flower pot ... way too cute... I think he's enjoying the garden too along with a nice little place to hide out and cool off

You have some great subjects for some paintings



Ruth Welter said...

Thanks Melissa, Catherine, Penny, Jean & Ronda...

Thanks Jo..I'm thrilled with the way the garden has done since it was uprooted from down the street and moved a year ago this month. I knew last year it would look nice but the first year is never the was having to deal with the stress of being uprooted and moved. After all, I would be stressed if someone dug me up, moved me and then expected me to bloom. LOL

It has become full and lush this year though and I'm so happy with it. I notice the soil is different here...everything seems to be doing even better then at my old house..go figure, I'm just happy I don't have to dig anything up this year. : )

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hi Ruth!
Your flowers are just wonderful!!!
The Hydrangea is my most favorite flower!!! What's funny about that is that I've never lived in a climate where they can be grown. I've only admired them through magazines and tv. Lucky you!!! :-)
Have a good week my dear!

p.s. I'm going out to weed right now....YUCK! It's already over 100 degrees

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and artwork!
Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.Happy Creating!

Inspired Tokens said...

Beautiful photos ...I especially love the lillies. I just told my hubby today ...we need more lillies! I also enjoyed the last photo ...your little friend looks very much at home.

Abby Creek Art said...

Wow, you have some gorgeous flowers and a very green thumb, Ruth! I love the orange cone flowers.

Hope all is well with you!:)

celestina marie said...

Hi Ruth, your flowers are so pretty and what an inspiration for you to see each day. The colors together are gorgeous! Your photos are perfect. I love seeing the sweet bird visitor. Such a precious little moment. I think you should paint that scene!

Thanks for you visit, always great to see you.
hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Suzanne said...

Ruth~ you have such beautiful colors in your garden! I love the orange coneflower...we have the traditional purple coneflower. I'll have to look for the orange to plant for next year!

Naturegirl said...

Ruth what a delight to see an orange cone flower! I am not a lover of orange or red in my garden but this one is worth taking a second look at!
Perhaps I'll search out my garden centres! I'm sure the bees and butterflies LoVe it!!

Sweet birdie in your plant and you have many gorgeous blooms to admire!

A wildlife gardener said...

Stunning blooms, every one, Ruth :)...and your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing :)

Brook said...

Your flower blooms are deightful to see Ruth. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us.


Kari & Kijsa said...

Beautiful photos, lovely flowers!! We are flying our flags high in honor of Independence day today!!

kari & kijsa

Catherine said...

Oh my Ruth~ your garden has really grown~it's the color of your coneflowers..and those gorgeous lilies!!
Great capture of your little visitor~he/she look's right at home in your pot of flowrs! :)
Enjoy your day!