Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Beautiful New Orchid

My art studio is in a state of flux at the moment, canvases being wired for hanging and packed up for a road trip next Monday....More about that next week. For the time being though, I thought I would share a new orchid that I added to my collection a couple of months back. A lovely Miltonia species called "Pacific Clouds".

The name fits so well I think!! I was attracted to this beauty because of the lovely pure white color and yellow center. Well, I was also attracted to this one because it was $20 as well. Hey, when trying a new kind of Orchid, it is always a possibility that it will not work out so, the more affordable the better. : )

Miltonia's are nicknamed The Pansy Orchid because of their beautiful shape. I must admit I see them each year at the Orchid show and drool so I knew when I saw this beauty, that I had to give it a try. Speaking of the Orchid Show, it will be starting next month at The New York Botanical Garden . I cannot wait to go and take lots of photos to share with you.


NeereAnDear said...

Ruth I am so in love with your orchids... so gorgeous .... this one is truly a beauty with the yellow center and it really does mimic a pansy ..... where did you get it? I am looking to add to my collection ... inspired by you .. and I am also going for the less expensive ones until I see how well I do with them....



Ruth Welter said...

Hi Jo, I got this Miltonia at Parkside Orchids in PA. www.parksideorchids.com

We go there about once a year, unusally after Thanksgiving, when they have their big sale. The owners really know their stuff and I was speaking with one of them and he recommened "Pacific Clouds" because it was a good place to start with Miltonia. If it works great but if I cannot get it to rebloom then at least I had 6 weeks of glorious colorful blooms and at $20 it is more economical then cut flowers. It is a little more particular care wise, then my Phal's so, it will be a good experiment for me.

For really affordable orchids Jo, try the big box stores. Especially around holidays, gift giving times, Home Depot and Lowes type stores get tons of orchids at different prices. I found one there a couple months back, a mini orchid for $13.00. It was a great price and I hope it will rebloom for me.

Those types of stores get lots of orchids around Mother's Day too, good selection then. If you hit them soon after a delivery, they haven't had a chance to damage or kill the new orchids yet and you get get a good plant at a great price.


Donna said...

Another beauty! Gorgeous, Ruth!


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Ruth
Now that certainly is an unusual shape for an orchid, it is so elegant, I love the contrast of the centre and the beautiful tones of white in the actual petals....
Good luck with your road trip next week
We'll look forward to finding out what that ones about

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Orchids have such detail! I have never known anyone that could get them to grow and bloom like you can, my friend! They bring a touch of Spring inside! ♥