Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Beauty Of Orchids

Even though at this time of the year my garden is in full bloom outside, I cannot forget my inside orchid garden. I was so happy to see my spotted phalaenopsis spiking this year. Last year when it tried to bloom it had a bout with spider mites and had to be relegated to the basement while I got rid of the bugs. By the tiime it emerged again upstairs, it was no longer interested in blooming.
Beautiful shades of white are always a favorite of mine.
A brand new orchid for my collection this year, purple and white are a beautiful combination.
The orchid above is one of my favorites, I call it "woody" fo the wooden pot it is planted in. I bought this phalaenopsis bare root off of ebay years ago. It took 3 years to start blooming for me and has been a reliable orchid ever since, creating beautiful blooms every year.
Life always inspires art, 2 years ago I created my "Purple Phalaenopsis" painting to express how much I love my orchid collection. This year I feel another orchid painting coming on and I think this time, I will create the painting with a multiple canvas layout. I'm not sure what kind of orchid I will paint yet but I'll be ready with my paintbrush when the urge strikes.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Your orchids are so beautiful! Orchids tend to look so perfect that they appear fake...I love that. The painting is so pretty in how you outlined the flowers! ~Val

Christie Cottage said...

Orchids are exquisite! Stunning!


Holly said...

I love your artwork. It's easy to see how you could be inspired by your beautiful garden. Your creations are absolutely incredible.

NeereAnDear said...

I love your orchids... inspired by you I have bought a few ...killed one and had a few other adventures lol ... will do a blogpost on them soon...

That painting is beautiful and I will be anxious to see what you do next with your newer painting ...


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Ruth,
You are the queen grower of orchids my friend. Each and everyone is beautiful! You have a green thumb for sure and a talented hand with the paint brush too.
Love you painting and looking forward to you new inspiration.

Have a wonderful 4th of July to you and your hubby.
So nice to see you today.
Hugs from a very Hot Texas,
Celestina Marie

My Little Angel Co. said...

Those orchids are lovely, I wish I could grow some.

Sher said...

Beautiful flowers! So colorful!

Aerides Designs said...

Gorgeous plants - I can never get them to bloom indoors!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi ruth!
your orchids are an amazing work of art!
everything you create has magic in it!