Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back Porch Hummingbirds

I got a really wonderful gift last Christmas from my Mother-In-Law, a hummingbird feeder that is now hanging on my back porch, right inbetween my flower pots.

This will turn out to be one of those "greatest gifts of all time" kind of things.  I had forgotten about it this spring until Chris reminded me of it and I read the directions, filled it up with sugar water (nectar as I call it) and hung it outside.

For about a week all was quiet and then hummingbirds started coming for a regular drink.  I'm starting to feel like the neighborhood bar but in a good way.  Everyone seems to be coming by for their daily, no, make that every 5 minute nectar fix. 

We seem to get a variety of  visitors but have two "regulars" as I call them that pretty much are here constantly.  As the weeks have gone by they are more comfortable and at home by the feeder.  They have become used to the kitchen door opening and closing, me standing with a camera to photograph them and just the regular noises of the kitchen, running of the sink etc.  The guy above (I'm sure he is a boy since he is so colorful) we call him "red neck".  He seemed very uneasy in the beginning but now actually perches when he is drinking.

I believe he might be the mate to this little hummingbird, we've taken to calling her "the percher" (I know, you are blown clear away by these super creative names I've thought up) because she is the first hummer that actually sat down and made herself comfortable at the feeder.  She perches constantly and drinks for long minutes as you can see in the photos below. 

These two are seen together all the time, which is the reason I think they might be mates.  Just the other day she was at the feeder and he flew by, came back around again and hovered near the feeder...then flew off to sit in the big tree in the backyard.  She watched him fly away and then immediately followed him.  Sometimes they visit the feeder together and both sit down on opposite ends to have a drink.

So this definately goes down as one of the best gifts I have received because I've been spending lots of time, with my camera, at the back door enjoying every minute of the hummingbird visits.  I plan to spend more time this summer getting some different shots of these sweet little birds.  If you want to see a more up close view of the hummingbirds, click each photo to make it larger and you'll be able to get a better look.

All this activity is not lost on Dudley and little Orchid who have been a bit ticked off that I've been spending so much time by the back door.  At first Orchid thought company way coming and she would bark as I was standing there with my camera.  I quickly shushed her so she wouldn't scare the birds away from the feeder.  They are a bit annoyed that so much attention is being given to the birds rather then to them.  After all, they are adorable, have beautiful hair, give mom lots of love and kisses (with the occasional bad behavior thrown in for good measure) and assure me they would drink sugar water if I bothered to make it for them so why they wonder, am I not just taking photos of them instead of spending all my time at the back door with the birds.  This photo shows them coming in to keep watch with me as I take my photos.  As I pointed out to them, they get plenty of photos taken and are not exactly lacking in love and attention.   If they weren't so short and had better eyesight, they could enjoy the back porch visitors with me.


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Hummingbirds are awesome to see, you captured some great pictures! What fun visitors to your back porch. Dudley and little Orchid are cuties!

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a perfect gift Ruth! I would be watching these neat birds all day too with the camera handy!!! All that sugar will keep their little wings flapping. Dudley and Orchid are so adorable! I love their pretty long hair.

martinealison said...

Comme vous avez de la chance de pouvoir admirer des colibris...
Un distributeur d'eau intelligent pour ces petits oiseaux.
Merci pour ces merveilleuses photos.

Gros bisous à vous.

NeereAnDear said...

You know me and hummers ...cant get enough of them ... so I dont blame you for having so much fun !


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Ruth,
What a wonderful gift. Your pics are great and I love seeing the sweet hummingbirds taking a drink. We have the feeders too and love watching them as well.
Your babies are so sweet. Give them a big hug from me.

Thank you for all your visits.
You are such a dear friend.
Hugs, CMD

Heather said...

How cute!! I love that you can actually tell the different hummingbirds apart and they each have their own personalities. That is so cute :)