Saturday, September 08, 2012

Inspirations From The Rose Garden

My time away from blogging found me getting quite a lot of work done.  I've been creating some new pieces and working on revamping some of the older ones as well.  These are all past photos of my garden from years ago, I've taken lots of nice rose photos over the years that I've saved san stored on my computer.

You never know what some of the photos you take will inspire down the road, what ideas they might spark.  These roses got me thinking of a sketch I did in charcoal years ago, which is sitting just below.  I had totally forgotten about it but found it by chance last week as I was cleaning my studio.  Laurie from the licensing agency had asked if any of us had black and white sketches and after I found this, I sent it into her on a whim.  It was received well and she mentioned that I might consider doing a colored version down the road to add to my portfolio.  In the upcoming months, I plan to do just that, revamp this older piece and give it color and with that, a new life.

Many time for a painting I combine several things to create my pieces.  I use ideas from photos I've taken, not just one photo but many, ideas from real life, things I've seen and loved and I store them away in my memory until just the right time.  I also use  "the present" real life world that I can see going on around me outside my window at this moment.  Whip all those things up in one pot and it makes a healthy serving of creativity.


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Your rose photos are gorgeous! I can see why they would be an inspiration. I love roses and when we lived in California we used to have many, with our windows open, the breeze would blow their sweet smell inside the house!

Can't wait to see your finished piece after you give it color!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ruth,
Thank you to share your pretty roses particularly the pink ones. As you said they are very inspiring.
Your black and white drawing is really beautiful and I like the open book with leaves you added to it.
I wish you a nice september and I thank you very much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments. Helene

Jennifer said...

What beautiful roses! I need a scratch n sniff screen :)

Right now my tiny garden has two types of basil, some spearmint, one fennel bulb/plant and a lonely scrawny little rosemary bush - all survivors of our sweltering summer!

I can't wait to start planting and setting out new things - gardening really can be inspiring :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Roses are such beautiful flowers! Your sketch looks great and I bet it will look awesome in color!

Duni said...

I never get tired at looking at roses. Yours are gorgeous!
I LOVE your charcoal sketch. I used to work with charcoal years ago :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Welcome back Ruth! The roses are so beautiful!!! They are definately a perfect subject for art. The sketch is so feminine...I love it! Color would be an amazing addition. Since roses are found in every color these days, the sky is the limit!

The Rose Room said...

Hello Ruth! Your garden photos as always are stunning! Rachael xo

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Ruth, Your photos are lovely and I can see would provide special inspiration. I love your drawing. I have been doing some of this lately too and find I enjoy the process. I came across a few yesterday in my stash of sketches while on vacation a few years ago. I like to take along a sketch book if I see something interesting that inspires me. Now if I can find the time to go in this direction a bit more. Holiday creating is in full swing here and I am swamped. LOL But of course I love it. So glad your agent loved the drawing and you will do more and with color. It will be fabulous.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I shared some new keepsake boxes today with french inspiration.

Happy Creating,
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Mulberry Whisper said...

The roses are beautiful, both real ones and those drawn by you. What do you call these light yellow ones? We call them tea roses in Russian. I love the roses with the wooden fence, too. Very cottage chic.