Saturday, January 26, 2013

Painting Tiny - Bite Sized 3D Artwork.......

This week I decided I really wanted to paint small and so I went to my basement stash of canvases and ferreted around for a while until I finally found what I was looking for, some of the smallest sized canvases I have on hand, a 6" x 6" and a 4" x 6".   "This piece is "Sunburst Monarch" full of color and happiness.  I think I will make a tile trivet out of this design.......

I also felt like painting a dragonfly so on the 4" x 6" canvas I created "Jeweled Beauty".  Both paintings are created using acrylic mediums so they are 3D, you can actually see and feel the texture on each piece.  I'm finding textured work really has the effect of making you want to reach out and touch it when you walk by.  It is really fun to feel the different levels of textures under your fingers, very tactile.

Aside from painting, I'm dealing with a house that is in a state of flux at the moment (no end in sight either).  Some of you might know that Chris and I are moving to Orlando this year. We closed on our house the week after Thanksgiving and we will be moving away from NY in a little over 4 months so these are the start of some crazy busy days for us.  We're going through all our belongings, trying to throw away what we don't want to move with us , organizing everything and even though we'll have movers when the time comes, we're packing our more precious items ourselves. We're very excited to get started on our new journey and I dearly wish we could leave now but we have to wait a few more months, most likely till the end of May.  At some point when the time gets closer I'll have to pack up my art studio but not quite yet, I will keep painting for many more months, until the last minute basically.  I always find I miss painting when I'm away from it for too long.


Memories for Life said...

Love the jeweled dragonfly! 3-D art is so cool!
Congrats on the upcoming move. Sounds like a very exciting time in your life :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are so sweet Ruth! They will be gorgeous on a tile. How cool that they have a 3D effect!!!

I can not imagine moving so far since I have only moved a few times within the same state. It must be scary worrying about everything getting moved many miles away. So exciting too!!! I am sure you wish you were already there with these frigid temperatures up here. Jim's parents always make sure to brag about the temperatures in FL when they talk. LOL. We are do for the 50 degree weather this week too. :) I hope they are right!!!

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Beautiful paintings, love the colors in both paintings! The butterfly really stands out, lovely!

Good luck with your move.

Victoria said...

What a beautiful dragonfly! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment.



Dorothy said...

Hi Ruth, Your latest paintings are exquisite!!

And what exciting news! A new home and a move to Florida! It will be hard to leave your garden but ill just bet you will have a lovely garden down South.

I wish you and Chris much luck and happiness in your new home!!


Duni said...

Ruth, your paintings are very beautiful...LOVE the colours and the swirly bits :)
Wow - moving to Orlando! That is both exciting and exhausting (I moved quite a lot).
Hope it goes smoothly for you!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Ruth, so glad to read your moving update too. I know this journey well. It will all work out great in time. The hard part is the waiting for the weeks to go by. Sounds like you are really busy and that is a good thing.

Love your paintings, the swirls and the details. You are always amazing!!

hugs, Celestina Marie