Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Peony Bouquet Progress

I can finally say now, after finishing painting this afternoon, that I am just a few steps away from being done. This is the time during a painting when I'm really excited about it, I feel the finished piece is near.

The tulips, I decided to paint in a peachy/pink color with yellow and white highlights. While I want them to show in the painting nicely, I don't want them to be to prominent, as the Peonies are the main flowers. I also completed the tulip leaf and stems.

The shading and highlighting is finished on the last Peony. I decided today, I would recreate the top petals on that one, I thought I should change them. Now that I'm looking at them in a photo, I'm not happy with them at all. I will change them back the way they were, I should have left them alone in the first place. Sometimes though, as I'm painting, I think something will look good and I go ahead and try it. This is one of those times though, that I'll have to change it back so it is to my liking again. Luckily with watercolor on canvas, that is very easy to do, I can erase totally what I don't like and start over or just overstroke what I want to change, which is what I will do in this case, no need to erase anything.

All that is left now are the Peony buds at the top of the bouquet and also the filler flowers. I think I'll do the Peony buds in the same white as the top flower. Filler flowers I'm not sure about yet but I do have a couple of ideas. Since this canvas is the kind that is stapled around back, it can be painted around all four sides as well with the background colors. This will enable the painting to be hung directly onto the wall, it will not need a frame. I've saved this part until last because I'm handling it from the sides and edges right now and had I painted them when I did the rest of the background, the colors just would have kept coming off on my hands as I handled the painting.

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