Friday, October 13, 2006

Sunflower Plaque

Well today there is no painting of any kind for me, it's a day off. My husband Chris and I are headed to the Bronx Zoo today. This is one of my very favorite places to go and we try to make it to the zoo as often as we can. We'll be spending the afternoon there, walking around seeing all the animals, having lunch and spending the day in this beautiful fall weather we're having. My favorite place there is the gorilla house, I could stand there for hours and watch them. They are on my "want to paint list" for the future as well.

So, on our way out today, we'll be stopping at the post office so I can mail out some customer orders as well as the above Sunflower plaque. For the 4th time now, I'm participating in the Secret Sister exchange for an online group that I'm with. These exchanges are so much fun...I really look forward to them. We have one per season and the theme of this one is fall. The computer program that is set up, basically picks names for everyone, rather then someone standing there picking names from a hat. I am the secret sister for a really nice lady, that I guess I've known on-line now for a couple of years. I was really happy to receive her name and find out I'm her secret sister.

I decided to paint a welcome plaque for her front door. I thought Sunflowers would be nice for summer and fall. I really like this one so will be adding it to my website in the upcoming weeks. Most of all though, I hope my secret sister will enjoy this.

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