Monday, October 02, 2006

Watercolor Sky

Well, the sky is well on its way to being completed. What I did was split it in half, by painting a line down the middle. The left side is completed and the right side has just been basecoated with the first layers of color.

I used several colors for the sky area - phthalo blue, violet, ultramarine blue, white and one acrylice color for accents, metalic pearl white.

You'll notice the left side looks polished so to speak, while the unfinished side on the right, looks a bit choppy. On the left I incorporated more ultramarine blue to add a bit more darkness and put in the metalic pearl white highlights. You may not be able to tell from the photo but in person, the clouds on the finished side have a shimmery glow due to the metalic paint, it's quite lovely and just the look I was going for. I intend to make the water and unicorn look magical also, by sprinkling some of the metalic color in those places as well. I'll see how it looks of course as I do it, the painting will lead me in the direction that I should go.

I painted my entire sky with one brush, the filbert brush that I have laying across the canvas. It is a great old brush, really worn out and perfect for things like this. For paintings, I like to use whatever brush feels comfortable and works well for the particular job and area of the painting that I'm working on.

Next, after finishing my sky, I will work on the mountains and the water, working my way slowly forward, those will be the next photos that I post. If you have any questions as I go along with this painting, don't hesitate to write and ask me what they are. If I have an answer for you, I'll be happy to blog about it!

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