Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dreamy Afternoon Watercolor

A great frame can really make a difference in how a painting looks and is displayed. Lots of pieces do not need custom framing as they are a standard size and can fit into a ready made frame or they are painted on gallery canvas and can be hung directly onto the wall, no frame required.

My "Dreamy Afternoon" watercolor on canvas above, measure 9 x 12 (without frame) and although it didn't need custom framing as it was a standard size, my husband built a custom frame for it. The gold toned frame looks beautiful with the girls' blonde hair. When I painted this piece, I envisioned a lovely lady having a quiet day overlooking the water, probably lost in a day dream.

I'm always glad to create frames for any of my customers. I have access to a wonderful craft shop , where custom framing is extremely affordable. This piece without the frame is $53.00. With the large gold-toned frame it is $75.00. The frame actually turns this piece into quite a gem. Please contact me via e-mail at - if you are interested in purchasing this painting.

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