Saturday, November 04, 2006

Autumn Leaves Fairy

Well, my new watercolor fairy is completed. Minus Dudley for this photo session, as he decided it was a bit more important to chew his new rawhide flip then participate in the latest photo shoot. It is a chicken basted flip so who could blame him for being more interested in that, then in me today.

She has a real magical, fantasy feel to her....I used quite a lot of metallic paint. I spattered it into the background, tapped it onto her wings and the leaves she is standing behind and also pulled some silver metallic strands through her hair as well.

I really tried to use a lot of autumnal colors in this one and be very fast and free with it. I didn't want to labor over details too much and drive myself nuts. This is a very new concept for me because I work things to death sometimes, trying to get them perfect and still more perfect. I guess you could say I am a perfectionist. I'm quite thrilled however with the results I've achieved here and will be employing this technique again for sure. In fact, I have another idea for a fairy painting I would like to try out. I'll probably go into more detail on that one, now that I've gotten this one under my belt. I really feel like working on my fast and free painting technique a bit more.

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