Friday, November 10, 2006

Rose Fairy Watercolor

I've had a bit of a crazed week, Christmas orders have been coming in steadily and I've been working to get as much of a jump on them as possible. I've had time to think about what I want to work on but, no time to actually do anything about it.

I thought I would show my Rose Fairy 12 x 16 watercolor on 140lb coldpress paper. She was my first fantasy piece that I created and it was what really got me hooked on creating more pieces that are fantasy based. I wanted this piece to be very magical and whimsical, a fantasy creature that lives among the garden flowers. She is also available for sale at my ETSY shop at:

Since creating her, my mind is leaning toward creating pieces that are a bit more, shall I say dark and mysterious, maybe thought provoking. I've got ideas for new pieces and techniques I'm looking forward to trying, it's just a matter of sifting through some Christmas orders to be able to get to do it. I should have more time next week though and I'm looking forward to starting work on another small piece.

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