Friday, January 12, 2007

Secret Garden Watercolor, Background

Now that the first steps have been completed successfully, it was time to lay down my background for this watercolor. I did a wet on wet technique for the background and tried to use all of my favorite colors to paint with. The background at this point, probably looks strange to you being that the painting has just gotten its start. It will all make sense though, as the main character gets filled in along with the rest of the flowers around her getting finished. I created the background in a very loose, free style to go along with what I wanted this painting to convey. When the painting is done, it will be cut in an octagonal shape as I mentioned in my last post and the center of the ceiling tin will serve as its frame.

The background being painted right over my drawing, left it a bit hard for me to see what I had sketched out so, I had to go back and pencil in the lines again. I could have started with the lady or the flowers that surround her and I just felt like starting with the flowers so that is what I did. The ones on the right as you can see, are fully finished. The flowers on the left, have just been basecoated in and need to be worked on quite a bit more. The lady in the middle is hard to distinguish at this point but by my next post, we'll start to see her take shape. First I'll finish the rest of the flowers and then move onto her.

Before I close my post for the day, I want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Sharon of she is responsible for the new look of my blog. I wanted to have a blog that matched my website more correctly and Sharon jumped in and not only offered her help, she did the whole thing for me. Sharon, thank you so much, it looks great and is exactly what I wanted.

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