Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Secret Garden Watercolor

This is the very beginning of a new fantasy painting I'm working on, I've already decided to name it "Secret Garden" . I actually started it a couple of weeks back and have gotten quite far on it, this is my first installment though, so I can take you through step by step with what is going on.

First you'll notice the ceiling tin above, this will be the frame for my fantasy watercolor. It is a large tin, measuring 22" x 22"and the center is an octagon shape and is where I'll be placing the painting when it is done. The painting will actually be octagonal in shape to fit into the center medallion. I think by the time it is said and done, it should be a real show piece in the antique frame.

First, my husband (generous soul that he is) has done all the work on the ceiling tin, it had about a million layers of paint which he has removed (not a fun or easy process) and at this point, it is spray painted with a lovely cream color. I have to show that in another post....

This painting is being done on canvas and as you can see from the next photo, (which will be causing eye strain once again, sorry) it is blocked off in an octagonal shape. In this painting, a lady in a fantasy garden is reaching up to hold a butterfly. There are flowers on both sides of her that I don't really think you can see at this point. Being a fantasy painting, proportion can really go out the window if it suits my purposes and it does for this painting. The flowers that surround her are almost as tall as she is. She is actually not a little person, rather, someone of average size who is in a giant fantasy garden that surrounds her. More to come on my progress over the next few days.

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