Friday, June 08, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Well, my move is now complete and I'm trying to unpack as many boxes as possible, run to Home Depot and Lowes a lot and also start painting again. I wish I had some pretty garden photos to show you as my garden is doing very well and really starting to bloom but, I haven't taken any new photos lately. Our computer has also broken in the mean time, what great timing that has. So, I can only check e-mail and get online via my husbands' laptop , using something called remote desktop. So, I cannot take photos at the moment as he doesn't want them crowding up his laptop. Hopefully we can get a new home computer next week or so and be up and running again. What is that saying, when it rains it pours!!!

Ok, I've been tagged by Cheryl of can reach her blog over at the right in my blog links section. I at first didn't know what this was.....I'm supposed to tell 7 little known facts about myself that the world may not know and also, in return, tag a few other folks and keep the vicious circle going. Well, I'm not going to tag any other people because from what I can see, people are sick of being tagged. Anybody else that wants to tag me, don't bother, I'm only doing this once.....reason many things can I really think up to tell you about myself and also, how many do I really want to share with the world. Secondly, how much do you really care to know about me. With that being said, this one time, I'll play along with the tag game. Here we go...

1. You may already know this but , here goes.....I'm a garden nut....I love to garden....I don't just say I love to do it.....I need to do it.....I'm obsessed with it as a matter of fact. I couldn't live in a place where I couldn't garden, I just wouldn't be happy. I think it is important to my creative side and just......well, makes me happy.

2. Of all the skill sets I could be born with in life, this is the most useless.....unless of course, I could have gone on Name That Tune, I would have cleaned up on that show. Anyway, I have a memory for songs and jingles......yes, I remember the stupidest stuff, stuff that hasn't helped my life at all but there it is. I always surprise my husband with all the weird songs I can sing along too.....he really thinks we would be rich if I were able to get on Name That Tune, I know it's not around anymore anyway.

3. This is a continuation of the above many of you out there who are "I Love Lucy Fans" can sing, by heart......the Phipps Department Store Jingle from seaon 4?? Well, you're looking at somebody who can. So, if there ever was a special talent for jingles, I've certain cornered the market on that one.

4. Tea is my favorite thing in the world to consume. If the world were ending and I just had time to eat or drink one thing, it would be a nice strong cup of black tea. I'm not really an iced tea person, hot tea is my beverage of choice. Hot always appeals to me, even on a horrible hot day, I just find hot tea comforting.

5. Ok, this is a little known fact, not even my two best friends know of which reads my blog and will be surprised I never mentioned this but......I forget about it most times, just something in my past that I tried, really wanted to do at the time etc....I don't think about it much anymore but anyway..... When I was in my 20's, I really wanted to be a print model and I had a beautiful modeling portfolio created for me. I still have it actually, I came across it when we were packing for our move. I always look inside at all the pictures whenever I happen upon it. I went into the city....NYC to get these photos done at the time, I was very happy with the way they came out. I went to a couple of different photographers at the time, so there is a mish mash of photos in there. If there were ever any kind of career that wasn't for me...holy cow, it would be that one....I could never be a model. First of all, I like being by myself, people annoy me a lot of the time. To me, heaven is working by myself, in my own home studio. Secondly, I really don't have a thick enough skin for something like just so isn't me. So, I somewhere along the way, realized this fact and just moved on. But, I still do look at my portfolio once in a blue moon and I am glad I have it and that I gave it a whirl.

6. I plan to live to be 100 years old. Some people think this is weird but I really don't. If I for some reason cannot make it to 100, I'll settle for my 90's. I stay fit and work out a lot and try my best to take care of myself....keep my mind active and all that good stuff so, why can't I live to be that old.???? I feel I I have a lot of creating I want to do in my life and to fit it all in, I'll need to stay around that long.

7. Well, I've totally run out of things to say at this point so.......this is the end of my tag game....hope you've enjoyed these little know and very weird facts about me.


Dorothy said...

Hi Ruth,
So nice to find your blog!! I can't wait to see more about your new home..and garden! And I see you paint lovely pins and are using watercolor too!
Love your blog....I'll be back!
Hugs from your long-lost friend!

A wildlife gardener said...

Well, we have lots in common! I am also a gardening nut. I sing at every opportunity, even silly little nursery rhymes...fiddle-de-dee, fiddle-de-dee, the ant has married the bumble bee! And you are an optimist! That is good, because pessimists don't make successful gardeners. Thanks for sharing.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Ruth, Love your Weird and wondul facts!! I did this also..felt weird while this like a bad chain letter..will i be jinxyed....then I dove in and did it! It was if you want a laugh stop by my post "7 Weird Things, on May 3.

Congratulations on your new home. Are you still in the same area?
With Kindness,