Saturday, June 04, 2011

Clematis Blooms And The Inspiration For A Painting

As I mentioned in my last post, inspirations for paintings come from just about anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. Each year I always take photos of my Clematis when they start to bloom in the spring. They are so colorful and elegant, I simply love this blooming vine.
I have 3 colors, pink, white (which remind me of fragile pieces of paper) and purple, which is of course my favorite color.
I've been wanting to paint some Clematis for a while now and seeing the blooms start to emerge a few weeks ago got me inspired to get going with my ideas.
This painting is entitles "Flourish" and showcases the blooms of my pink Clematis, set against a black background.
This piece is a triptych and it was lots of fun to position the canvases to imitate how the Clematis vines grow out in the garden. The vines flow up, down and all around the trellis I have set up for them.
I think the black background always sets a colorful design off and makes it really pop.
This triptych measures a total of 13" h x 19" w x 1/1/2" d. Each panel is a different size, which also represents the different sizes of the flowers and blooms when they are growing out in the garden. My purple and pink Clematis are the largest and the whites are the smallest, most delicate looking of the 3 varieties. The canvases are 8" h x 8" w - 8" h x 6" w & 6" h x 4" w.
I hope this spring everyone can find a focal point in their gardens that will inspire a new creation.


Cindy B said...

these are lovely, Ruth!

Donna said...

Oh, how beautiful, Ruth!

NeereAnDear said...

Ruth your paintings keep getting better and better and more awe inspiring ... love the colors on this with the black background ...


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You really captured the beauty of these flowers and the color! Aren't the blossoms huge on these flowers! ♥

Miss Val's Creations said...

Clematis is gorgeous. I would love to plant this vine on my property at some point. I love how you have painted these pretty flowers. ~Val

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Ruth,
Your painting is simply lovely as only you can do.
Gorgeous pics too. Years ago when my mother was still living, she grew Clematis like your first pic. Mine are growing nicely but the flowers are still small. I am babying them along so I hope they set nice roots for years to come.
I drew a sketch of my mothers when visiting and made several cards from that sketch, but never a painting. You have inspired me.

Love your painting my friend.
Have a great week.
XO Celestina Marie

Kala said...

Love your inspiration and your painting. I love Clematis and they are an inspiration for me too:):)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ruth,
What a very good idea to do a triptych to feature your clematis. Very well done.
You are a multi-talented artist.

All the best from France and thank you for stopping by.

Gail McCormack said...

I also love Clematis Ruth.
Love the way you've used it to inspire you to create your beautiful painting

Happy painting, Gail xx

Kathryn Bechen said...

Hi Ruth,

I love your photos and your new paintings! Have a great summer!

Kathryn :)

Catherine Holman said...

Wow! Another beautiful painting!