Saturday, December 08, 2012

The "Off The Wall Gallery" Art Show

The show at the "Off The Wall Gallery" at the Millbrook Library this Wednesday night was really lovely.  It was so much fun to see all my artwork hanging together in one really large room, very cool affect, something I often don't have room for at home and don't always think of.  This has inspiried me though to hang work in groupings when possible, I like the look.

The walls are actually yellow but I had a devil of a time photographing them at night , it was quite hard so the result was that these 3 pictures were the only ones that actually don't hurt your eyes when you look at them. 

The library is decorated for the holidays and the tables are out this weekend for the silent auction to help raise funds. Since so many of my photos are a bit of a strain on the peepers to look at, you'll have to imagine the rest of the room hung with my artwork.

I got to meet some really nice people that came to the reception, at least it was a lovely warm night with no snow on the ground. 

**Thank you Ann, for purchasing "Floating", my dragonfly painting above.  I believe you left right before I arrived, sorry to have missed you.  I hope the painting makes you happy each time you look at it.  **

Millbrook Library is about an hour north of where I live, a lovely town, great library and wonderful arts program.  My paintings are there through the month of December so if you are in the Millbrook area, stop and pay a visit.

Last but certainly not least, I was blown away when I went to my mailbox this week (that doesn't often happen, unless there is a huge bill waiting for us, then it is not being blown away in a good sense)....anyway, as a customer of Cheap Joe's Art supplies, I received this postcard in the mail.  While my household was not affected by the hurricane, tons of people in different areas were, some lost everything.  Cheap Joe's is offering to help artists that were hit hard by the hurricane by replacing lost art supplies at no cost to the artist.  Just click to enlarge if you would like to read the whole card.  I all can say is "WOW OW WOW", this is so incredibly generous of Cheap Joe's to do this, thank you so much for keeping all the artists affected by this horrible hurricane in your thoughts Cheap Joe's.


Catherine Holman said...

Congratulations on the sale of one of your paintings. Wishing you many more during this showing.
I've never heard of Cheap Joes's before, but that is amazing!

Ruth Welter said...

Catherine, Cheap Joe's is awesome, I get all of my gallery wrap canvas from them and if you buy in multiples, you really save a bunch of $$$$. Pretty amazing offer they are making though, I was so surprised when I received this postcard.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a fun way to do a all the groupings of your work!
And how awesome of Cheap Joe's to be so thoughtful and generous to artists. This really warms my heart :)

Lisa Topps said...

The arrangements look beautiful. I'm glad you had a good night at the show.

ArtSings1946 said...

How wonderful for Cheap Joe's. I know they are a great place to get art supplies. This made my day and I have to remember the people are good. Your art is magnificent and I know you will be successful. On another note I finally sold some of my fairy prints and it all started on ebay for goodness sake. So, it was a message not to give up. Your work makes me feel all fuzzy and warm, and that's a good thing.

Love and Light,

Ruth Welter said...

Jan, cannot get over what Cheap Joe's is doing....I'm truly impressed by it. That is a company that must have a big hear.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Hi Ruth,
You artwork looks so beautiful displayed here! I am sure everyone who walks through is loving your pieces. Photographing in anything but daylight is so tricky. The colors just get so distorted! Cheap Joe's sounds amazing. What a kind way for the store to help those who lost their tresasured art supplies. Have a wonderful week!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Ruth,
Congrats on the lovely showing of your work. I can't think of another who deserves it more. Your paintings look beautiful on display. I bet you met some really nice people and so glad you sold a piece too.
How nice of Cheap Joe's to help the artists affected by the hurricane.
It is refreshing to know there is still a lot of good folks in the world.
Thank you for sharing Ruth. I am so proud for you.
Hugs, Celestina Marie